Update: Crypto Challenge is Nearing Mainnet Release

Our crypto price prediction game is currently being tested on mainnet. Here is how to join in.

Hello Tribers:

Over the last few months Team Decentribe has been hard at work bringing Crypto Challenge, our unique crypto price prediction dapp to mainnet.

Crypto price prediction is currently seeing a resurgence in DeFi with Synthetix’s recent announcement that it has launched binary options trading. Using Synthetix’s platform, users can make bets on the future price of crypto assets, such as whether they will go up or down in value by a certain time.

Crypto Challenge also allows users to make price predictions. Players can:

-Make bets on crypto price movements over very short time frames (10 minutes to three days)

-Pit different groups of coins against each other.

For example, they can go long or short on Ethereum by creating a DAI vs. ETH race.

They can also bet on whether the ETH/BTC ratio will go up or down by launching a BTC vs. ETH race.

We’re excited to finally bring Crypto Challenge to mainnet.

We are currently testing Crypto Challenge with a small group of “Decentribe Insiders.”

If you would like to participate in the testing, please join our Telegram group and send a DM to ‘Lancelot’ on the Decentribe team.

We’ll have more information about the Crypto Challenge launch soon.

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