A Long-Term Hold on Decentribe Development

Today the Decentribe team is announcing that development on Decentribe-related products and services will be placed on a long-term hold.

The primary reason for the development hold is the current state of the Ethereum blockchain and the lack of viable layer 2 technologies that will support the dapps we were planning on developing.

We receive a lot of questions about what types of layer 2 or alternative solutions we would consider (e.g., polkadot, etc.). Our requirements for considering a solution are: 1. Less expensive transactions (our planned dapp, CoinEmpire, has 100s of txs per day), 2. Oracle present on Layer 2 to handle price feeds. 3. Battle-tested infrastructure. 4) Ease of use and secure blockchain.

Although we planned to move ahead with the NFT Genesis Sale, we do not feel it would be appropriate to raise funding because we are not confident on our ability to rapidly deliver dapps that will be cost-effective and successful given the current blockchain infrastructure.

We will continue to explore other options over the coming months, but we don’t expect to be ready to explore layer 2 options until the space matures (and meets our development requirements) — likely in 8–10 months.

We will keep this Telegram channel open (for the time being), as well as Discord, Medium and Twitter while we explore our development options.

We may be back with updates — when we are confident we can deliver on our vision — later this year.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us in this effort over the last few years.

What's Next for Decentribe? Its Time to Vote

A vote to determine the future of the Decentribe project is underway. Voting will close on November 26, 2020.

Since late 2019, the Decentribe team has pursued a vision focused on developing a range of decentralized price prediction Dapps. So far the team has:

  • Released an in-depth white paper providing an overview of Decentribe's vision and short- and long-term objectives

  • Spent time and financial resources developing the concept, initial game art and NFTs for CoinEmpire

  • Developed and released Crypto Races and Crypto Challenge, a dapp featuring short-term price prediction markets

  • Developed and distributed TRIBE and the DECENT governance token to the community

Our next planned step has always been to launch the CoinEmpire NFT Genesis sale, which will enable community members to purchase chests featuring a bundle of NFTs, TRIBE and DECENT tokens. The Genesis Sale proceeds are to be used to fund development of CoinEmpire and to support Crypto Challenge and Crypto Races.

Now we are asking the community to participate in a vote that will determine the future of the Decentribe project.

More details about the vote can be found here.

  • DECENT token holders are eligible to vote on proposals

  • To vote, connect your wallet (containing DECENT) to the voting portal Dapp and select the option you support

The vote will be open until November 26, 2020.

What's Next for the Decentribe Project?

Now that Crypto Challenge is live, what's next? Well, we need a little help from our friends.

Yesterday, Team Decentribe announced two major milestones for the project: the launch of TRIBE staking and Crypto Challenge. So what's next? Here's a brief rundown. 

We Need the Community to Take the Lead on Launching Races 

Our plan with Crypto Challenge was to have it organically grow with the help of the Decentribe community, especially because everyone who has staked their TRIBE is a "co-owner" of the dapp and will benefit from its success. 

To help encourage community members to launch races, we have created Crypto Challenge Roulette

With Crypto Challenge Roulette, everyone who launches a race that has a pot of 0.3 ETH and above is eligible to receive a 1 ETH prize. 

Also, all TRIBE stakers receive a share of of volume from the races. 

Here are some suggestions for how you can help get races moving. 

1. Check gas prices: ETH network gas prices were very high yesterday, 100 Gwei, but races went smoothly. If you're planning on starting a race, we suggest going to Eth Gas Station to check gas prices, or check the Crypto Challenge race creator (gas prices are at the bottom of the page) 

2. Communicate in our Telegram group about your interest in starting a race: We know people are watching this channel and following along. If you are interested in launching a race, just post a message here and ask whether others are interested in playing. We’re sure others will join in. 

3. Think about launching a regularly scheduled race: With the Race Creator, you can launch a race in the future (but be mindful of gas costs). Communicate in our Telegram chat about what date/time you'd like to race and then schedule a race for that time every week, or every few days. 

Remember, all race creators are eligible to win the 1 ETH Crypto Challenge prize and they receive a share of volume through their TRIBE stake. 

We need the community to take the lead on this. If Crypto Challenge is going to be a success, the community will have to organize races and spread the word.

To help, we have created a Crypto Challenge game trailer. This is a great introduction to the game. The trailer can be found here:

Preparing for the Genesis Sale

Right now the team is moving our focus toward launching the Genesis Sale. If it is successful we'll have the resources we need to build CoinEmpire, which we know is the game the community is looking forward to.

We'll have more information about the Genesis Sale in a few weeks. 

In the meantime: 

1. Organize community-run races 

2. Spread the word about Crypto Challenge (use the game trailer) 

3. Enjoy the Dapp. It looks like we might be entering bull run season.

Join the community on Telegram to launch races and keep up with the latest from the project.

🚀Announcing Crypto Challenge, Crypto Challenge Roulette, TRIBE Staking and Plinc Partnership Launch🚀

Crypto Challenge is a DeFi game where players can make bets on short-term crypto price predictions in “races”; TRIBE token holders can now earn rewards from Dapp volume; Plinc partnership launched

We are pleased to announce the following important milestones for the Decentribe project:

  • Introduction of Crypto Challenge and Crypto Races on Mainnet

  • Launch of Crypto Challenge Roulette, an Incentive Program for Race Creators

  • TRIBE Staking is Now Available

  • Plinc Partnership Program is Now Active

Click here to read the full announcement.

View the Crypto Challenge game trailer.

Update: Crypto Challenge is Nearing Mainnet Release

Our crypto price prediction game is currently being tested on mainnet. Here is how to join in.

Hello Tribers:

Over the last few months Team Decentribe has been hard at work bringing Crypto Challenge, our unique crypto price prediction dapp to mainnet.

Crypto price prediction is currently seeing a resurgence in DeFi with Synthetix’s recent announcement that it has launched binary options trading. Using Synthetix’s platform, users can make bets on the future price of crypto assets, such as whether they will go up or down in value by a certain time.

Crypto Challenge also allows users to make price predictions. Players can:

-Make bets on crypto price movements over very short time frames (10 minutes to three days)

-Pit different groups of coins against each other.

For example, they can go long or short on Ethereum by creating a DAI vs. ETH race.

They can also bet on whether the ETH/BTC ratio will go up or down by launching a BTC vs. ETH race.

We’re excited to finally bring Crypto Challenge to mainnet.

We are currently testing Crypto Challenge with a small group of “Decentribe Insiders.”

If you would like to participate in the testing, please join our Telegram group and send a DM to ‘Lancelot’ on the Decentribe team.

We’ll have more information about the Crypto Challenge launch soon.

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